Full Employment in Our Global Village


The seed of “Full Employment in Our Global Village” started to develop when thirty-three miners got trapped in a Chilean gold mining accident at Copiapó, in 2010. This accident proved to the world that politicians can make good things happen. And that is what spurred the author’s will for embracing this project.

Economically, the concept lies at a very simple construction: enabling an automatic perpetuation of the simultaneous equilibrium of the three meaningful macroeconomic markets - the money market, the labor market, and the market of goods and services. Therefore, this improvement of the economic environment favors both employers and employees, while withdrawing the arbitrary power of any man over either supply or demand, in any market.

Believing that politicians can put these ideas in place, the author decided to share with the world the outcome of twenty-five years studying economics, relating theory and practice.

The compelling story starts by explaining how the world defines the concept of welfare and highlighting what it really means in economic terms. He moves on by explaining the evolution of the disparate societal organizations, framing the differences between the hunters’ society, the shepherds’ society, the husbandmen society, and the manufacturers’ society. He embraces the concept of opportunistic behavior, poses crucial questions on the deployment of human strategies, and outlines its importance for a complete understanding of economic outcomes. Afterward, the roots and secrets of value and economic development are clarified, while showing what were truly the causes of both the Great Depression and the Great Recession. Finally, he develops a completely new economic theory showing that just like the hunters’ society gave rise to the shepherds’ society, so a full-employment reality is mankind’s next step forward.

This work is demystifying the economic system, exploring the human mind, and heavily shaking the status quo. A lot is at stake.

It stresses the importance of economics for our well-being, by showing:

• That emotions are a crucial element for economic development;

• That regular economic activity can, indeed, foster equality;

• How to remove poverty from Earth, while making rich people wealthier;

• How to build an economic system in which a bank’s bankruptcy is not a problem;

• How to go from a profit maximization driven economy to a wage maximization driven economy, without changing our current way of life.

This book will enhance people’s understanding of the role of economics, for it is mainly written for non-economist readers, enabling everyone to reason on both its assumptions and its arguments.

This work does not have political proclivities whatsoever, which means that it will impact every country on Earth.

After Copiapó’s accident, the world is ready for this book.


Dear reader

This is a very serious scientific work. It is not the mere disclosure of a single person's opinion. Rather, it is 99% supported on scientific work, either literature (books and academic papers) or statistical data. There is only 1% left for the author's personal opinion in the book's "Epilogue."

I tried to publish this work through the help of a literary agent. After getting in touch with dozens of literary agents, I was able to get two replies stating that they had truly found the reading interesting but concluded they were not the right agent for this book. So, I understood it does not sound like a commercial hit and decided to go for indie publishing.

At first sight, this work may seem like an awkward book, which nobody will get interested in it. Nonetheless, I aim at writing the best book ever on economics for non-economists readers. According to the reactions of a few friends of mine, I think I was successful. But it is you, as a member of the general public who has no acquaintance with me at all, the one who can judge my work.

It is a very touching and important message. It shows that, while boosting the market economy, mankind can also evolve our institutional framework into an organized economy where equality and overall welfare are fostered, without exceptions.

Because of the importance of these ideas, I aim at making the book as affordable as possible. However, the paperback edition, due to its 606 color pages, ends up a bit expensive. So I publish the Kindle ebook with the lowest possible price I can ($ 0.99), aiming at making this book affordable to anyone. Furthermore, you can download it below for free.

Wishing you the best, sincerely

Jose C Rodrigues

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Politicians make good things happen.


Theoretical and empirical evidence supports a full-employment economy.


Ending up with poverty while making rich people richer.


Human interactions extolling talents and diversity.


Bankruptcy-free environment.


Respect and positive opportunistic behavior in the lead.

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Consensual or controversial? This work focuses on improving everybody living conditions. Nonetheless, it may be perceived as a threat by those who actively control the economy, for it weakens their arbitrariness. Whether you are extolling or opposing these ideas, you are welcome to exchange your thoughts with the author.

Author’s biography

He was born in Almeirim, Portugal, on February 28, 1971.

By the age of four, his father taught him how to read and write, and sparked his forever aim at continuously learning. At school, he has always been a good student. During his youth, he played soccer for ten years and met his girlfriend, with whom he married by the age of twenty-three.

By the time of his marriage, he was already graduated in Economics by Nova University of Lisbon and was working in a bank, at Banco Nacional Ultramarino (BNU). In 1994, the author and his wife decided to move to Ponta Delgada, Azores, where he kept working in BNU’s branch for five years more. Afterward, he was invited to work for Auto Viação Micalense Lda, a local leader transportation company, where he was responsible for the entire transportation division. As a freelancer, he was writing the economics page of a weekly local newspaper, “Expresso das Nove”, which he did for three years. Moreover, he was asked to perform the business evaluation of corporations on a sporadic basis and was also a part-time teacher at the Professional School of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ponta Delgada. For being recognized for his positive energy, he was then invited to join Mundial Confiança, an insurance company well established nationwide. By the year 2004, spite having two wonderful sons born in the Azores, the author and his wife decided to move back to Portugal mainland in order to get closer to their parents and remaining relatives. He accepted an invitation to be the head of Fidelidade’s Agueda branch, the leading insurance company in Portugal. He worked for Fidelidade Insurance Company until the end of 2009. In 2010, he was invited to join Allianz Insurance Company, assuming functions in Allianz Coimbra’s branch. By August 2015, he decided to forego his job relationship in order to get an International Business Master’s degree, at Polytechnic Institute of Leiria, Portugal. Afterward, he started a consulting career, performing business evaluations and planning investment projects.

He is a registered economist on Economist Portuguese Association (Ordem dos Economistas), number 15509, under the “Business Economics and Management” specialty.

This multifaceted professional experience allowed him to learn from disparate experiences, contacting several different types of legal environments, organizations, business approaches, and human behaviors, enabling him to gather an accrued understanding on economic subjects, under both theoretical and empirical basis. Ever since finishing his Economics Degree in 1993, he has never stopped studying economics.

In 2014, he finished his first written work, “Always in positive mode”, which was published by Kindle focusing management practices for reaching excellence. In 2015, he finished writing a second work: “H2J – Humano Honesto Justo”. This was a rather emotional essay approaching a political strand, written in Portuguese, and published by Chiado Editora.

The author has a passion for economics and for everything that conditions its effectiveness. In the future, he aims to further explore and exploit these economic matters, for they are crucial to improve every human being’s living conditions.