Full Employment in Our Global Village

Economics has always aimed at increasing welfare by reaching economic growth and making full employment a welcome reality. Politicians do their best to reach this goal. Hence, the following questions apply: why are we unable to living consistently such reality, and what are the reasons preventing us from actively building the full employment reality? Supported by theoretical and empirical evidence, this work provides shaking insights answering those questions. It presents the groundbreaking theory enabling both right-wing and left-wing politicians to step forward.



Politicians make good things happen.


Theoretical and empirical evidence supports a full-employment economy.


Ending up with poverty while making rich people richer.


Human interactions extolling talents and diversity.


Bankruptcy-proof environment.


Respect and positive opportunistic behavior in the lead.

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Consensual or controversial? This work focuses on improving everybody living conditions. Nonetheless, it may be perceived as a threat by those who actively control the economy, for it weakens their arbitrariness. Whether you are extolling or opposing these ideas, you are welcome to exchange your thoughts with the author.

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